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How to cook a steak - by eye

Recipe & Instructions courtesy of Obie-Cue's.

This seems to work every time, for any steak, any thickness, or any grill capable of HIGH heat.

In grilling a piece of meat, the juices move away from the heat.  On a grill, where the heat is below the meat, they move up.  The idea is to keep as much as possible of those juices IN the meat, so when they start to break the surface, we’ll flip the steak and run the juices back the other way.

Needed: High-Heat Grill (any type), Texas Slabs' Steak, and Obie-Cue's Steakmaker


30 min to an hour before cooking, generously season the steak on both sides with a good coat of Steakmaker and let stand at room temp.

Steak with Seasoning


After 30 mins, the rub will have "melted" into the steak. Bring your grill to burn-a-hole-in-a-brick HIGH heat.  Allow gas grills an extra few minutes to really heat up.  For charcoal or wood fires, maximize the glow (which maximizes infra-red heat) by opening your top vent all the way while just opening the bottom vent a little bit.  Simply watch the coals and make them glow as brightly as possible.

Steak with seasoning soaked in


Start the steak over the fire.  Do NOT watch the clock, watch the meat. When it starts looking damp on the top, turn it.

Steak at first stage


When that side looks damp, turn it againWhen that side looks damp again, you are at Medium Rare.  To get your steak more done, just keep watching and flipping.

Steak after flipped once


Allow the steak to rest AT LEAST 5 minutes before slicing. We’ve been moving the juices around, but now we want them to stay put in the meat, so give them time to calm down, or else they’ll run out on your plate instead of staying in the steak.

Resting Steak


Eat and enjoy!

Cooked Steak


Try with a side of grilled asparagus. Just drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil and season with Obie-Cue's Sunshine. Cook on the same grill.

Products used in this recipe

 Prime Top Sirloin Steakmaker Sunshine
Prime Top Sirloin  Obie-Cue's Steakmaker Obie-Cue's Sunshine

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